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Gardening in the Face of Climate Change

Posted on by Court Farm

For many seasoned gardeners and garden lovers, 2016 was an extraordinary year. The predictability of seasonal changes has become less reliable, highly variable and often extreme in nature. In nearly 40 years of gardening we cannot recall a year quite like it for rapid and continual plant growth. Statistically, 2017 is unlikely to be much … Continue reading

How to Clean and Maintain Your Patio

Posted on by Court Farm

No matter the size or style of your patio, if you leave it to fend for itself it can end up looking weary, inundated with encroaching weeds and layered with dirt and dust – not the most welcoming look for a relaxing seating area. Leave it too long and it can really begin to drag … Continue reading

Tips for Shady Gardens

Posted on by Court Farm

Shady spots in your garden might not fit in with the ideal sunny summer garden motif, and can provide quite the challenge to any gardener,  but when you embrace the shade, you can greatly enhance your garden and make it much more varied in both look and atmosphere. This month, we’re taking a look at … Continue reading

How to Maintain Your Grass for a Healthy Lawn

Posted on by Court Farm

The summer months can be a trying time for your lawn, but there are plenty of ways to help keep it healthy and let it thrive. This month, we thought it would be helpful to take a look at how to achieve and maintain a healthy and fresh looking lawn throughout the coming months. Deal … Continue reading

What is a Tree surgeon and what do they do?

Posted on by Court Farm

A tree surgeon is responsible for the planting, pruning, felling and general treatment, care and maintenance of trees. A tree surgeon has many responsibilities and is one of the most dangerous occupations in the world. A tree surgeon will offer many services relating to the management of trees in a variety of locations and for … Continue reading

Why you Should Hire a Professional to Manage your Garden

Posted on by Court Farm

The garden is one of the most important parts of your home and requires a lot of work if you want to keep it looking good all year round. Sometimes that work might be a bit too much, or you might feel that your garden is missing something and you just can’t provide the answer. … Continue reading

What is Ash Dieback (Chalara)?

Posted on by Court Farm

Also known as Chalara, ash dieback is a disease that originated in Asia and was first seen in Europe in 1992. The fungus Hymenoscyphus fraxineus first kills the leaves before spreading down the branches and trunk, eventually killing the whole tree. Ash dieback now affects more than 2 million square feet and was first identified … Continue reading

What is the Best Water Feature for Your Garden

Posted on by Court Farm

Water features are a fantastic addition to a garden, creating a new, dynamic element to an otherwise flat landscape and allowing you to introduce new varieties of plants and wildlife to your garden. Water can also be a very calming element, making your garden a more relaxing place to unwind and spend time. If you’re … Continue reading

A Look Back at Landscaping Trends in 2015

Posted on by Court Farm

Landscaping is becoming a more and more popular way of personalising the home to suit the family, with over 60% of homeowners renovating their gardens in some way – whether that’s through planting more trees and flowers, building a patio or removing unwanted features – and as a result we’re seeing more versatile and unique … Continue reading

What to Plant in February

Posted on by Court Farm

In last month’s article we outlined some great new year’s resolutions you could make to improve your garden, including trying new plants and dedicating more time to gardening, and to help you stick to your goals, this month we’re giving you tips on what can be done in the garden in February to help it … Continue reading

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